Colossal power, wild aero, and a fully gutted and caged monster machine.

What would a motivated, determined, and self-proclaimed auto enthusiast do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon? RACE. If you’ve always wanted to race your car, but always found yourself making excuses to NOT do it, then get out and drive. Don’t think and just enjoy the fantastic experience. Otherwise, you’re missing out and letting the world that you want to experience pass you by.

 Chewerks Group N2, EG Hatch, time attack battle machine.

The old aphorism is true, time waits for no one. You don’t need colossal power, wild aero, and a fully gutted and caged monster machine. Don’t get me wrong, all the race luxurious would be very nice, but totally unnecessary. All you need is a well maintained car with proper tires, brakes, and the DRIVE to hit the track.

I’ll make a future post about what its really like being on the track and include the cost, because let’s be honest, every novice wonders what it costs to run a track day. Also, don’t worry, you probably won’t crash! Unless if you’re that one guy with a six figure supercar. Good luck to you sir.

For this particular Saturday track event, it was a fusion between Vtec Club and Mazfest (because every California resident loves fusion right :P?), and it was a madhouse in the morning! There was so much confusion about parking, and the traffic on/off the track was wild. Fortunately, all the track officials and volunteers eventually got everything smoothed out, and made it yet another great experience.

Records were yet again broken, personal bests achieved, and everyone made new friends while reconnecting with the old. It’s not just about the cars that pulls us track rascals out here, it’s also about the great people you can potentially meet. You just have to get out and do it.

I for one definitely met and made new friend’s here at Streets Of Willow! Thank you guys for a great time and your hospitality!

Hey! To be fair I’m no expert in the mysterious art of photography, and unfortunately the vibration reduction is apparently broken on my telescopic lens with a fussy auto focus. I tried my best, so I hope everyone enjoys the following pictures.

Unfortunately i can’t fit every photo on my blog post, i mean i could, but it would be one huge post! Therefore, here’s a few additional photos to end blog post número uno! I’ll also provide a link to “The Vault” at the bottom (my flickr account :]), which will have additional photos! Feel free to save and use them as you please, just please credit me for it. Thanks!

The results of Vtec Club USA Round 3! Congratulations to everyone! See you guys soon at Round 4.

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