Street Neo Classics

If you’ve never been to Japanese Classic Car Show’s Street Neo Classics, then I extremely recommend attending the next event! It is a relatively small show, but the atmosphere is amazing thanks to the great enthusiasts and the interesting cars on display. Likewise, there is plenty of parking space and it is absolutely FREE for admissions and parking.

Regrettably, I arrived to SNC roughly halfway into the show and missed the chance to shoot a lot of cars that left a bit early. Nonetheless, I had a great time seeing some “classics” and running into familiar faces.

On this peculiar overcast and projected rainy day, the shooting environment was amazing! This type of weather is what every outdoor photographer dreams of. No harsh lights, no overly abundant shadows, and no sweating through clothes. Beautiful.

For the upcoming photos, i decided to leave majority of the background colors “mute” since i thought the look was particularly interesting for me. It’s nothing artsy, but i did bring the color out on some photos because i couldn’t help myself :].

The small things in life…

Everywhere i go, i usually make it a mission to scope out the attendees’ parking spaces. I usually find a few neat cars. I don’t judge and everyone has equal opportunity with me!

It seems like every car show now has these bad boys on display. I must resist the temptation… too many hobbies already!

Felt like a giant standing next to this ’91 Honda Beat.

Corgis! During raffle and prize giveaways!

Sniping the snipers!

Sticker game is strong with this one.

Thanks for reading and viewing. I’m still messing around with the website and blog formats. I may shrink or enlarge future blog content and may or may not keep the “slideshow” style picture stacking. I’m constantly tweaking little things in the background since i’m my own biggest critic and super nit-picky about everything. Drop me a comment for any future recommendations, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and anything else! Thanks again, and don’t sleep on the next Neo Classics!

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