Chewerks Battle Compound

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Robert Choo of Chewerks Garage for a little under a year now, and i’m grateful i got to know him on and off the track. Like many long time race enthusiasts hitting the circuit for track time, i was in need of an exceptional alignment from a knowledgeable technician. Above all, i wanted to find an individual that actually had track experience and knew the “hidden secrets” of optimal grip versus speed in a Honda chassis. A few swipes through Instagram yielded Chewerks, a fresh garage that held references from many track warriors. Plus, i recognized Rob from Youtube through GT Channel and Super Street’s FF Battle series. So i thought to myself, “he’s probably legit.” 😛

A quick phone call later and the rest is history. I found my go-to shop for both my track and daily driver. A man with a wealth of knowledge that is passionate of what he does.

I think the biggest misconception of Chewerks is that he exclusively specializes in alignments for Honda track cars, which isn’t true. From what I’ve absorbed from visiting his garage multiple times throughout this past year; he can align, corner balance, and track prep any front, rear, or all wheel drive vehicle regardless of its make. He also knows what and what doesn’t work for a particular chassis while being respectful of a client’s wants and needs. Oh yea, did i mention he does more than just suspension wizardry?

If he’s not working on his own competition vehicles, he’s building a clients. By the way, be on the lookout for his fresh red EG hatch. It’s his new Vtec Club competition hatch for Group N, and it’s being setup to dominate just like his infamous white, Group N2 hatch.

I always enjoy swinging by his garage because there’s always a project going on. It’s like a candy store for car enthusiasts. Also, there’s ALWAYS something neat to look at around the lot.

Old school mini’s always make me smile!

Honestly, Chewerks is a great shop and Robert is an awesome individual. He loves cars, loves racing, takes serious pride in his work, and surrounds himself with some of the best people around. Plus, he allows a little “gremlin” to run around his garage to snap photos after a rainy day, early in the morning, just because the gremlin asked! Thanks again Rob!

In conclusion, i wanted to stir up a blog feature that was different from what my usual shenanigans out on the circuit was. As a result, i did a “garage showcase.” Which was way more stress-free compared to running around the track to snipe photos while simultaneously jumping into my track car for a session. If you guys enjoyed the slight change then i’ll try to bring more variety for future features. Track coverage and then some! In the meantime, if you haven’t stopped by Chewerks, then i highly recommend giving him a shot. You won’t be disappointed. P.S. i can’t wait to see this little project get started in the future. I love me a Porsche any day. P.S.S. i had a couple requests for transfer diecut stickers, so i’ll be releasing those plus some neat other slaps soon.

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