Vtec Club After Hours

While everyone is anticipating the next 2017 Vtec Club USA race season, the club masters held a private BBQ for the most involved members within the race organization. In locations unknown (RcompoundUSA) we had a sweet turnout of both veterans and newcomers. Like most potluck gatherings, just about everyone brought some kind of meat to be chard on the grill, and Grill Sensei Danny was all over it.


My Thoughts. Off Topic. Sort Of..

If i had to describe Vtec Club with my current impressions so far, i would say… It’s literally and figuratively a family of automotive and “always have fun” enthusiasts. Yes, everyone is competitive with the occasional friendly trash talk, but that’s what racing is about. I’m confident [in] saying that anyone and everyone that participates in any automotive sport is competitive. We all have the drive to be the best and to beat out the next driver in our way of reaching our personal goal[s]. However, i have yet to experience any other event like Vtec’s. Competitive and fun, obviously, but an atmosphere of friendship and “stress-free” racing.

Initially, i was drawn into this group because of its ease of access as a “low budget” circuit racer. Slap on fresh tires, brakes, fluids, and make sure the car is running reliably and you’re set. Plus, being able to chase fast times with other Honda enthusiasts on “equal” grounds is sweet and delicious icing on the cake. It is an event tailored to me and many others throughout the world. Low budget friendly where experience helps, but first timers are more than welcome to participate. Eventually though, as i slowly became more involved, i realized this is a group where loving your cool car is just as important as having fun. Don’t worry about times, don’t worry about having the best parts or fastest cars. Just make your personal warmachine “cool as shit” and leave your ego at home. Push your car as hard as you can then have a beer after the event with your friends.

I can see Vtec Club growing exponentially in the future, and with 2017’s race season reaching out to different parts of the United States, it’s already growing. Fast. Very fast. I know it’s always going to get bigger and better for as long as Vtec Club is around, and i hope i’ll have the opportunity in the future to keep following as an enthusiast, racer, and supporter. Hopefully though, the spirit and ideology of why Vtec Club was founded will never be forgotten, and instead, evolve forward with the same love that i see now. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes everyone!

Okay. Back To The BBQ!

I’m not sure who at the BBQ owned this sweetness, but the fact that it was parked by itself compelled me to take additional photos. I also really dig it. Fresh and so clean clean. Haha.

Be on the lookout for the CRV Club. Out to terrorize the back roads near you!

What happens at Rcompound stays at Rcompound.

For those that participated in the last few events, you all know trophies were currently on hiatus. As promised though, trophies for everyone!!! Everyone that won something at least! Congratulations to everyone!

Always something neat to see at Rcompound. Maybe, hopefully, possibily a future blog feature. We’ll see.

 I may be wrong, but there was some sweet looking headers sitting up there somewhere. I assume that's what he was looking at.
I may be wrong, but there was some sweet looking headers sitting up there somewhere. I assume that’s what he was looking at.

This may be my last blog for a little while since my schedule will be somewhat hectic in the next few weeks. I really wanted to finish my personal build for a blog post, but like all projects, i’m way off schedule! Who knows, something exciting might turn-up and i’ll make another post, but for now, this will be the last one for a few weeks. At least until the weather begins to clear out for Spring and the new race season for all organizations go back into full swing. Until then, as always, thanks for your support!

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