Vtec Club Round 5: Twilight Part 1/2

Some of the fastest and dare i say it, ballsiest, drivers came out to play during the August 19, 2017, Vtec Club USA round 5 Twilight event, and it was definitely another night event for the books. Starting at 4 pm sharp, advanced drivers all the way down to the beginner class began putting down their hot laps before the sunlight would completely vanish under the desert sky.

Surprisingly, many of the fastest competitors in attendance earned their personal bests and new records under the pitch black, bat endowed, night sky, and yes i said bats. Though you couldn’t see them flying around since it was so heavily “black” all around Streets Of Willow Springs, you could definitely hear and feel their presence coming out from nearby mountain peaks to spectate what the midnight battle-born drivers were made of.

Besides the bats, the darkness, and the awesomeness this event definitely provided, there was a strong ambiance of competitive tension equally among veteran and rookie drivers. And as the daylight whore on, everyone began pushing harder and the competitive spirit of the attack grew even fiercer. This competitiveness was due to the fact that no one wanted to leave their chance at both podium and personal best times when the small and technical track was under the guise of complete and utter darkness. The funny thing is, as mentioned before, some of the FASTEST times were actually placed at night.

My thoughts if i may, i believe when the sun went down, engines began thundering through the beautiful silence of night, seeing only headlights in the distance, brake lights five feet in-front, and realizing how much more risk is involved driving through darkness (for SoCal natives, think GMR at midnight, but darker) made everyone check their ego’s, if any, and be a lot more alert. Also, trusting the talented team behind Vtec Club and the safety crew really allowed the competition spirit to rise to new heights. However, there was a distinct difference compared to the day runs; everyone became a “teenager” again and it wasn’t just about being competitive, it was about having FUN with friends and making new memories to reminisce about in the future. I really wanted to call this one Midnight Club, because i loved the game as a kid, and watching in awe of everyone driving through the night reminded me of my adolescence driving through the mountains with my only car enthusiast friend at the time. Time moves fast and disappears quick, but memories last a lifetime, and this event is definitely one to remember.

Part 2 will feature the night portion of the Twilight event. Stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to save, use, and share any photos. Just please provide credit. Gallery of more images below and a link to purchase prints if you would like to.

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