The Narita Dogfight Vicious Coupe

This past week i had the opportunity to pick-up a carbon window delete for my personal coupe from the man behind one of the most unique automotive media site in the world, Narita Dogfight’s, Sean Lucas. As many already know, NDF is really the only outlet that bridges information about Japanese time attack cars to the U.S. on a consistent basis, and unlike other more syndicated channels, NDF shares insight into the drivers behind the grip machines that is usually not easily accessible to the average person like myself. Even with the abundance of information that is available through social media and online search engines, it’s not all that easy to find the same quality of material that Narita Dogfight provides. Have you tried google translating Japanese from random posts? Yea, it sucks haha. So needless to say, I’m a fan and i always look forward to the next post because no one does it like Japan, no one, and NDF provides the goods.

However, i don’t only lurk around the Dogfight community just for the overseas machines, the background information on the enthusiasts that pilot said machines, or the wicked photos that are always cultivated from the wildest builds that the Japanese enthusiast community always produces. No, i have my moments where i’m on the lookout for one of the sickest Civic Coupe that SoCal has to offer. Let me rephrase, the sickest race car Civic Coupe that SoCal has to offer. The Narita Dogfight Civic. I don’t see many well executed coupes at any track event and for me, a person that currently owns and drives a ’98 Coupe, it’s really unfortunate, but i completely understand why there aren’t as many coupes compared to hatchbacks. So, anyone that knows me on some personal level knows that i have a small number of coupes that i really admire for one reason or another, and i take quick notice on the rare occasion when i see a well thought-out example out on a track day. Although, i haven’t personally witnessed Sean’s vicious Civic out on the attack personally, i knew this was a build to keep an eye on. The only unfortunate thing about following this build for me was the fact that NDF really is #norush, and it’s almost like torture since i really want to see this monster come alive and witness the carnage that it is sure to deliver. Even more, every social media snippet that i see is the “ultra” teaser. Just enough to spike my interest, but not enough to be able to see the details every time. If it’s intentional then it is genius. If it’s unintentional then it still really is genius. Don’t get me wrong, i completely understand that NDF is incredibly busy with both his personal and professional life so i’m not hating on it. I’m just incredibly anxious to see the final piece put in place.

My experience of witnessing the car in person and hearing the sweet motor roar was A-mazing, and i really have to thank Sean for the opportunity. He was really cool about pulling out his car so that i could take a closer look at his build, and with his permission to snap some photos of my own, i went ham. Although, it was missing exterior body panels and was not 100% in the sense of being race ready, it was still one the sickest coupes i have ever seen. Furthermore, i was originally going to write about the actual car, but i feel like the photos will give most a very good idea of how well thought out this car really is, and i really didn’t want to take up too much of his time with fanboy questioning haha. So, here they are for your viewing pleasures, and though i don’t believe my photos does this build justice, i at least hope that anyone that has also been following the NDF build like i have will find this to satisfy that “itch”. At least for a little bit longer.

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