That One Really Dark Time At Vtec Club Part 2/2

Let me start off by writing that this post, part 2 of the Twilight Event, was almost never going to see the light of day and be buried somewhere deep in my storage hard drive. If you read my previous part 1 then you know it was really, and i mean REALLY, dark once the sunlight faded away, and the flood lights available at the track, or the lack of, really didn’t do much other than light up a tiny spot of the tarmac. Which by the way, was only really useful for indicating turn locations for the drivers. So fast forward a couple weeks and i wasn’t really sure if i could do the event justice and provide “quality” images for everyone to enjoy. At first i thought i could and i created a tiny speckle of hype over it, but i soon realized i was wrong, and the fact that the event never made it to publication from another photographer, made me realize why. However, everyone that visits this blog is savage, and i mean deep down to the core, raw as all hell, savage human monsters. To this day i still i get asked if part 2 would come out soon, and i guess i’ll finally give it to you all, and i sincerely hope this will live up to the small hype that i prematurely generated a few weeks back. I warn you though, i tried my best with the circumstances put in-front of me, and i don’t think anyone could have really done any better. Enjoy and stay tuned because I’m really working hard to bring a little more diversity to Battle Driven. I’m trying to bring out more than just track coverage, because i know a lot of you asked for it and personally, even though i really love working on Battle Driven on my spare time, i would love to not edit thousands of photos every once in awhile, haha.

I fell in-love with this grind and it’s nice to hear every once awhile that people appreciate the time and effort i really put into this. Thanks for the continued support and stay savage.

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