Muscle Cup Rd 4 – Big Willow

Another solid American Muscle Cup round locked in and successfully executed at Big Willow, and with a continued increase in driver turnout, this series is sure to be placed in the history books. With that said, competition was closer than ever this time around, with some of the “newer” drivers itching closer and closer towards the times that many of the veterans were laying down. However, this is time attack, it doesn’t matter if you’re a second off or a full tenth of a second off, fastest time is king. Period. But don’t be fooled, the increase in  competition hasn’t rippled this series, no, it has only strengthened the bonds of friendship and driver comradery. Let’s face it, driving in any discipline wouldn’t be very enjoyable without sharing the experiences with good friends, and this is what AMC is and should be about, shared experiences with like-minded friends.

Remember, winning in competition wouldn’t be a sweet victory if the victor did not progress in his or her personal milestones to achieve it. Likewise, winning would be a hollow victory if you hadn’t dedicated yourself slightly more than your buddy next to you, who you dive bombed before the next corner and smiled your way across to your next personal best time. Racing is fun, but racing with and against your friends is an experience. American Muscle Cup Series will continue on August 18th at their “Royal Rumble” event. If you have an older or more modern powerhouse vehicle, and want to experience the tight-nit community and adrenaline experience that is AMC, then come out and form yourself some new and exciting experiences.

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