The Drift League Rd 2

The Drift League Round 2 hosted by MotoIQ is a Formula Drift sanctioned Pro-Am competition, and it’s an event that does not disappoint. Like many sanctioned Pro-Am series, the top three point holders at the end of the four event season gets awarded a Formula D Pro 2 drift license, and from my personal observation, the opportunity to go “pro” brings out some of the best from California locals to surrounding states.

Though the playing field of competition vehicles is peppered with the usual tried and true chassis like the popular 240 variants, Z33 and Z34s, Mustangs, RX7s, and almost every line up and down the BMW E cars, it’s the drivers of each respective vehicle that brings out something special to the event. The difference in watching a clean and smooth drive against a more wild and aggressive style during tandem really makes for an interesting show, and don’t be fooled, clean and smooth does not mean no smoke and no angles. On the contrary, It just demonstrates the driver’s close bond and familiarity with their machine, and it makes for an inspiring moment of driver and car becoming one. A feeling that many competitive drivers understand and one that many strive to understand as they grow as a new driver. Of course, wild and aggressive also doesn’t mean there’s no control, it just demonstrates a drivers will to win and their ability to add a little extra something to their drive style.

But, like many great events, the real stand out of this event was the people behind the scenes. The likes of TDL’s coordinator, Rathyna Gomer and everyone from the MotoIQ staff really worked beyond their expected duties to run a smooth event. Even with slight hiccups, driver incidents, and the normal bumps on the road that many motorsport events face, TDL’s round 2 ran pretty solid and for the most part, on time, and if you weren’t part of the behind the scenes crew, i don’t think you would really notice the chaos that was going behind every session.

Now let’s not forget the ones that really capture the moments of life, the photographers, videographers, grinders, hustlers, content creators, whatever you like to call them, and whatever they like to call themselves. A lot of events would not be possible without the exposure that many photographers work so hard to bring, and sadly, it’s one aspect of competitive racing that many forget to show love and recognize. So, let me, a content creator, maniac, driver, and lover of all things creative, be the first to say thank you! I met many of you and the fire is definitely real. See everyone again at the next round and i definitely cannot wait to see the fire you all bring once again. Yep, i see you and i praise you!

Don’t think i forgot about the best facet of the event — YOU. You and every fan, aspiring drivers both young and not as young, and those that were reluctantly dragged out to the event, but ended up finding interest and maybe even a spark of passion and curiosity for drifting — yes, YOU. Many events would not be possible without the support of the fans, and believe me when i say, the fans are the backbone and driving force of both amateur and professional level events all over the world. The fans are the ones that really bring out the energy and excitement, and TDL being held at Irwindale Event Center (The House of Drift), the viewing accommodations is really some of the best around. Heck, i mingled with the crowd for a little while and honestly preferred the view over any area that media, staff, and drivers were allowed to go. Shade, seats, food, drinks, and an overhead view of the entire course layout.. it really doesn’t get better than that.

As my first attendance to The Drift League, i can say i had a lot of fun both as a spectator and as a photographer. This won’t be my last event and thankfully, there’s still two rounds left before the end of 2018. If you know me, or know of me, then come say hello! I really would love to hear your story and your perspective of the event, drivers, atmosphere, and everything else that you have in-mind, so with that said, thank you for stopping by! See you at Round 3.

For poins standings, check out The Drift League’s official website. If you’re interested in high resolution copies of any photos or physical and tangible prints, then click on the storefront above, or email or direct message me. Thanks again. See everyone at Round 3 at the house of the driftoooooooooooooooooooo!