Super D NorthWest Trial – Part 1

I always knew about events like Super D and a few of the guys that drove events like these. It’s always been something i wanted to be apart of, but never really participated in. Until earlier this past July when I impulsively messaged Super D on Instagram. Knowing that drift team Animal Style was apart of this event, and the fact that it was going to be tucked away in the gorgeous Spirit Peaks Raceway in the southern part of Washington, it was something i had to experience. Thankfully i was given the opportunity to cover it with the ‘second best seat in the house’, as media. The first obviously being a driver! After my confirmation I bought my flight from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and the cheapest car rental i could find. While doing so i had thought, “was this going to be worth it”? I really didn’t know and i don’t think anyone else did either. It was a new venue for most and a lot of the ‘heavy hitters’ were still recovering from another excellent event that had occurred not to long ago. In either case, i received my confirmation the morning of the event, day 1 August 3rd, Saturday; definitely more than worth it. Right off the bat all drivers thrashed hard like they’ve been waiting all year for it. No dilly-dallying, no frills, and no worrying about top 32 competition on day 2. This was about having fun with friends and making lasting memories throughout the short weekend getaway. Likewise, the ethos of the original grassroots drifting that i was craving for was present and strong. Drive the coolest car you can personally have at the moment, challenge yourself, and have fun. Fun being the keyword, and there was nothing but smiles throughout all the attendees.; a group of ‘all-hearts’ and good people.

Enjoy part 1 of Super D – Northwest Trials. Photos are in no specific order, and stay tuned for part 2. Until then… thanks for visiting!