Starry Nights – VTEC Club 2019

A pre-Socrates philosopher once said, ‘change is the only constant.’ Ergo, nothing stays the same. People we encounter throughout the community come and go. The cars we monkey with undergo different stages, and that’s if it’ll make it to the next stage. More often than not, cars we play with also come and go. Life happens, passions evolve, and devotions change lanes. However, change is never a bad thing. Change is, in all of its cliché, one of the many spices of life. It is a necessity, and the best thing one can do in the face of change is to adapt as best as one can. Now if you’ve been following Battledriven for a while then you’ll remember the query that was brought up about the organization. Would they break through a metaphorical glass ceiling and reach new heights, or like many before them, falter under growing pressures and plunge off the frail ladder they’re ascending upon. It’s not every day when we have the opportunity to witness a transitional phase for something we all revere as arguably the best damn all-Honda HPDE series. Possibly the only one left of its kind even. With that in mind though, I think anyone that’s been taking notice and analyzing VTEC Club deeper than just a place to go race, and push limits, would agree – we’re not entirely sure yet, but it seems to be going strong. The ebb and flow of current events are still brimming towards the positive. The community around it is still growing, VTEC Club as a whole is still growing, and the quality of the cars is still good. Likewise, both veteran and rookie drivers within the series continue to get faster and faster; as it should be! John Cruz reset the event record to 1:22.921 in group A2 while also being a full one second quicker than the 2nd place finisher. Newer season rookie, Thomas Van, also reset the class record for N at 1:25.174 during the hot and slippery day portion of the event. Would he had gone faster during the cooler night session? Possibly, but Van experienced brake failure during a moderately high-speed corner that sadly retired his attack day. Luckily for everyone though, there’s still three events left in the season to witness how fast Van really is. Last but not least, Duane Bada ripped through N1 with a 1:25.192 in his Midori hatch. Overall fastest in class with nearly 2 full seconds shaved compared to the next fastest, and if the photos indicate his desire to crack a minute twenty-four, it does, then he was on an exceptional chase for the goal. No jackpot this time however, but this is time attack and progression is the name of the game – period. And Bada isn’t known to stand still, so more likely than not a 1:24 was already obtained. We just don’t know about it yet..

The series is changing and consistently growing, and the journey doesn’t seem like it will end any time in the near future. But like everything – you never really know, so it’s probably best to prepare for Chuckwalla, October 20th, to experience it once more and maybe even reset some more records.

Until next time, enjoy!


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